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Susan’s Bio

Susan Mol

I am a the wise and experienced shred betty, recently coined Shred Mama from above mentioned betty, Alix Klien.  Why does she call me Shred Mama?  Well because while all other women my age are having babies I’m fighting all nurturing senses except the one to further nurture my need, drive, and addiction to be in the mountains.  And I love sharing my experiences with other woman jazzed to make adventure their lifestyle, not just a speed bump in an otherwise mundane existence.  My mom put me on skis at a very young age in Pennsylvania, chairlifts were babysitters and the cafeteria was a backup.  I traveled west looking for a kick ass mountain with something that resembled a college nearby, hence Crested Butte.  Since then I’ve competed in big mountain snowboarding all over the world, winning the 2009 Freeride World Tour Championships. These days I’m a ski patroller at the Butte and a guide for CS Irwin Cat Skiing, on two planks!  Currently I surf my couch and the internet like its going out of style.  When you play everyday you know you’re time will come.  I broke my femur Dec. 11, 2010 and have started having walking dreams.  You gotta walk to ride!

Competitive History

2010 Freeride World Tour Second Overall
4th place:  2010 Freeride World Tour, Verbier, Switzerland
3rd place:  2010 Freeride World Tour Tram Face, Squaw Valley, California
1st place:  2010 Freeride World Qualifier, Engadin Snow, St. Moritz, Switzerland
1st place:  2010 Freeride World Tour, Chamonix, France
2nd place: 2009 World Heli Challenge, Wanaka, New Zealand
2009 Freeride World Tour Champion
3rd place:  2009 Freeride World Tour, Verbier, Switzerland
2nd place: 2009 Freeride World Tour, Tignes, France
1st place:  2009 Freeride World Tour Tram Face, Squaw Valley, California
1st place:  2009 North Face Masters, Crested Butte, Colorado
3rd place:  2009 North Face Masters, Snowbird, Utah
2008 North American Champion
2nd place: 2008 North Face Masters Championships, Alyeska, Alaska
1st place:  2008 North Face Masters, Snowbird, Utah


·       Film:  “Wish List” by Blacksmith Productions, “Hand Cut” by Sweet Grass Productions. “World Heli Challenge Series” by Marni Productions, “Wintervention” by Warren Miller, Mountain Sports International TV, Fuel TV, ESPN

·       Photos/Literature: Crested Butte 2011 Winter Magazine, Snowboarder Magazine, Silverton Mtn. Promotions, Vail Stock. Mammoth Weekly, Crested Butte News, Gunnison Country Times, numerous international publications and websites such as and


One response

  1. Cate Noyes Boddington

    Dear Susan,
    Where would the world be without women who give their nurturing instincts to other women? Still run by men who own women! Just as I am finally, at age 55,learning to fight the cultural bias against women who”don’t work,” by acknowledging that giving my knowledge, skills, talent and strength to the considerable work of rearing four great free thinking, non-judging,compassionate people, you can feel proud that you did, as I did, what we wanted to do! You applied your considerable talents, strength, intelligence and hard work into amassing an astonishing” Big Mountain” in your career of Freeriding mountain sport. You have been a pioneer, who broke the glass ceiling of the sport for women like my daughter Mary and her fun, happy, hard riding friends who are dedicated to following in your “lines.” You are too young and with too many adventures ahead of you for your accident to happen, and I have been sad about that, for you, and for your kids, like Mary, who still have much to learn from you. From the very beginning, you showed my daughter a generosity of spirit and valuable gifts of friendship, encouragement and coaching, that I think has been all to rare in sports. Thank you for taking her under your wing: Your unflagging, nurturing support for Mary, and your other little sisters of the mountain, has well earned you the title”Shred Mama!” So from one Mama to another- an enormous THANK YOU! Im sending you bone-mending love!

    March 27, 2011 at 2:02 pm

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