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Mary’s Bio

Mary at the Crested Butte North Face Masters, 2010

Mary Boddington

D.O.B.  4/30/85

Age: 25

Years riding: 13 ish

Living in Crested Butte, CO


Colorado Boarder

Never Summer

JMEG/ Patron Patrol

I was born and raised in Colorado Springs CO.  Grew up chasing my brothers around on skateboards and eventually snowboards. I put the first board on my feet at the age of 12 and was stoked from the start. We didn’t get up to the Mtns. in the winter as much as we would all have liked, but as soon as I could drive I was going every weekend. I then graduated high school and was able to go maybe a day more than normal, but still wanted more. So it was an obvious choice to move to a ski town.  The plan was to go up for a season then back to Denver for school. Well,  six years later  still shredding and loving the life style.

Snowboarding has become a serious addiction for me. An addiction that has changed my life in a way that is truly understood by fellow ski bums.  In  the last three years I’ve been turned on to competitive big Mtn. snowboarding. I travel to all three stops of the North Face Masters of Snowboarding. The thing that is so amazing about these comps are the people you meet, the places you see and the mountains you get to ride. That to me is more the attraction than the actual comp. The people that I’ve met and the friendships that I’ve  made,  have really help my riding and way of life  improve.  In my very first comp here in CB, I met Susan Mol who now is a dear friend, but then I didn’t know at all,  just knew she was a bad ass.  I qualified in 1st place on day one and was just high on life. The next day the nerves kicked in. Susan said to me at the top of Staircase, day 2, ” so your gonna win this right” I was so blown away because Susan was ranked the #1 woman in the world, and to me , was obviously going to win. It was the way she nudged me and and said those words so calmly that made me realize that maybe I can do this and maybe stand a chance next to these women who have been competing for a long time. This was so major for my mental,  even still. It put all these dreams that seamed so out of reach right there in front of me. This is what I hope I can pass on to other shredders that don’t realize that we just need to get up there and drop in. Comps or no comps,  lets just go get some.



North Face Masters

2009 2nd place, Crested Butte

2009 Young Gun award

2010 4th place, Snowbird

2010 3rd place, Crystal Moutain

2010 3rd place overall for North Face Masters Tour

2011 4th place, Snowbird

2011 5th place, Crystal Mountain

2011 7th place overall for North Face Masters Tour, and voted best snowboarder 2 years running


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