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Hailey’s Bio

Hailey Loeffler

WOOHOO! Hi! I am Hailey Loeffler, aka Tinkerbell, tutu wearing, shredder extraordinaire! Having been raised in Crested Butte, CO, what else is there to do but ski with the big dogs off of bigger cliffs and hang tough! Growing up with a big brother and another big kid, my dad, I learned whiners don’t get far and girls who ski can kick some serious boo-tay! What’s even better is when girls can shred together and form the flying “V”! (Think mighty ducks!) I left the public school freshman year to ski and play, and yes even do some homework, at the Crested Butte Academy. That is where I started skiing with Wendy Fisher and Carrie Jo Chernoff and thinking, “Man, I wanna look like THAT when I ski!” After the academy moved away, I joined the Crested Butte Mountain Sports team and, yay!, got to ski with girls that rip! After competing for the last two years, with some injuries here and there and mediocre results, it finally paid off in my last junior free skiing comp at Snowbird! First place and the Jack Carey Award! I can only hope this year in the women’s (eek!) comps go as good! But all in all, I am just PUMPED TO SKI WITH THE BETTIES!!! AIAIAIA!!


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