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“Line of a Lifetime” or a “Lifetime of Lines?”

How do I pin just one line as my favorite? Six years ago my “line of a lifetime” would be so different than today. That is what I love about skiing, the progression of ever evolving possibilities! Looking back the most exhilarating line I have skied to date would definitely have been the “Big Hourglass” in the 2009 Subarau Extreme Skiing Competition at Crested Butte, CO. But, I would so much rather get to ski these lines with my friends and family. Then it would really be a line of a lifetime! Like the time that I went to Shasta Mountain in California and summited with my two close friends, Susan Mol and Jeff Troyer. Everyday that I get to be in the mountains and experience what those mountains have to offer, with the people I hold dear to me, is a great day. For example, when my sister comes out to visit and I get the opportunity to share what I love with someone I love, this is an awesome experience! This was how I was brought up skiing; skiing with my family.



Back home…

While Louise and Alex Riedman are killing it at the BC comp , I have been finally settling down from the very busy Christmas season. I was able to get out on my snow-mo for the fist time in a couple of weeks and man was it an adventure! Of course starting the thing was a long endured process, then I put me and my doo sideways in the pow and had to stand on the uphill rail and use my body weight and my friend to tip it back over! After our awesome ski session we did a little sled-necking. I was going through the major deep pow at the Y up by Irwin, when I again tried to put my sled on its side. Thinking it was stuck I asked my friends for help. They were like, “you’re not stuck! Drive that thing out of there!” So I did and felt like I was going to eat it everywhere! That is my mini epic adventure…. to be continued.