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Down the Jackson Hole We Go!

Jackson Hole is the rabbit hole of all ski resorts. Things, and people, tend to just disappear down there. It all started with Hillari and I packing up her old-man car, a jeep named Baxter, and heading into the dawn towards the land unknown, Wyoming! Pillow? Check. Lucky tank top? Check. Our heads? Eh… check again later.

After a couple of wrong turns, we passed through Wyoming, land of antelope (locals call ‘em speed goats) and road kill (cause they weren’t speedy enough)! We found our way in the dark to our lodging, the famed hostel. It’s one of the only original buildings remaining and the scribbles on every wall hold decades of inside jokes and stories. It’s exactly what you imagine a hostel to be like. Lost wayward ski bums, black sheep of the family skiing all day and holing up in the hostel playing ping-pong after the tram has stopped loading. It was all those kids, and then enters Edie, our roommate. Of all the rooms we could have been assigned to, we walked into the room looking at a white haired grandma-steeze lady, who let’s just say, has made her home down in the rabbit hole quite nicely for some time now. Claiming to be an ex Heli-guide and backcountry expert, I was quite impressed, that is until about two hours later she was still jabbering away in our room, now turned prison cell. Needless to say, we were scared to spend much time with crazy lady on the bottom bunk. The only good thing to come from trying to avoid all interaction was that it meant we were on the mountain skiing as much as possible…an Edie free zone.

The mountain was the Taj Mahal of all mountains. It rose out of the flat plains below, beautiful and majestic. We were blessed with new snow and blue skies. As this was our first Adult Comp, my nerves were getting a hold of me, but once my run started on the final day, it was just me and my boy, Stevie Wonder! I grooved down the slope, nailed my line, and met all my friends, old and new, down at the finish.

Yes, this was a ski trip, but it was also a life trip. As Americans, we were the minority at the hostel and spent the nights cracking up with Euro’s and Aussie’s about our cultural differences. There is so much to explore and so many things to try and experience. Jackson was just the tip of the iceberg.

We left the night after the comp, packing up as quickly as possible, and pulled an all-nighter drive (candy and coffee!). I can only think Edie is right where we left her, on that bottom bunk waiting for new arrivals to her room. Let us pray!



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