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Natalie Barefield, Line of a Lifetime

View of the North Baldy venue at Snowbird

One line that I will always keep in my memory was at the 2010 Junior Freeskiing Nationals in Snowbird. I made it to the finals, and when I was at the top of North Baldy I wasn’t 100% sure about the location of certain features and technical areas I was going to ski down due to visibility. Despite this, I had the most exhilarating run I had ever done in a competition.  While skiing down North Baldy I was thinking about where my landmark was, but unfortunately I could not find it. I ended up skiing through a more technical part which I never would have thought of doing for the actual competition. Reminding myself not to even stop for a split second, I had to keep on hop turning through rocks that were just longing to eat me up.  After a couple turns I came across a mandatory air and spotted the judges in the middle of the run, so I knew I had to give it my all. Stomping the unexpected air and coming across my next landmark fluidly was an awesome feeling. This time, improvisation awarded me with a thrilling run.

Natalie after her run on North Baldy


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