Crested Butte's Ripping Female Freeride Blog

Mont Blanc lines of a lifetime

(All photos by Dana Allen)


In 2007, after I had just graduated from College, my boyfriend and I decided to move to a little town called Entreves on the flanks of Mont Blanc. Our plan was to ski as much as we could and then go home every night and eat amazing cured meats and cheeses (If you haven’t had fresh Burrata, you don’t know what you are missing). On Mont Blanc, no line is considered small. We looked up in awe at famous lines like the Gervasutti and the Dames Anglaises. Sadly, I am no Sylvain Saudan, but I did get the opportunity to ski a line visible from the Helbronner tram called the Canale Del Cesso, (in English, the Toilet Canal).This line does no boast huge features, but it is incredibly aesthetic. My boyfriend Dana, my friend Russ, and I skied in to the top of the line and dug a pit. We determined that the snow conditions were favorable, and then dropped in one at a time and popped out onto the Toula Glacier below.

Not much compares to skiing between two giant cliffs like in ‘Il Cesso.’ My future ski descent goals definitely include going back to Mont Blanc and skiing this line again. Now that I am older and bolder, I would also like to ski the Passarella Couloir, the Col d’Entreves, and many others. I will never pass up the opportunity to ski Alaskan spines, but in my opinion, there is no place more striking than Mont Blanc. Also, if you are ever in the Entreves area, you must eat at La Maison De Filippo. You will never eat so well after a hard day of skiing.



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