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Susan Mol, Line of a Lifetime

NZ Face

A line that stands out in my competitive history is one I did for the 2009 World Heli Challenge in New Zealand.  It stands out because of the wow factor, the pow factor, and most of all the suprise factor.  We didn’t get a photograph or a hint or ANYTHING that precluded what the contest face would be or look like.  All we knew is that it had just snowed 2-3 meters with no wind onto an already stable snowpack.  Did I mention the word Heli?  Yeah, everyone’s first look at the mountain was when the heli rose up out of the valley and in our face was this amazing spine covered, freshly painted playground. After studying the venue I developed a plan of attack.  Ride the ridge-down, flat, down and then hurl myself up to to highest point of the false summit, drop in, ride the short spine, big turns fall line looking for 4th shadow on right, roll over and make sure it’s the right cliff, huck, stomp, shred to the bottom.  All went as planned except for the stomp and regardless, I was happy to nail the exact descent I was going for.

Wanaka New Zealand - September 4th 2009: Susan Mol from Crested Butte in Colorado competes in the Big Mountain Day of the World Heli Challenge 2009


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