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Tomorrow I go to work…

On Tuesday I was not planning on skiing, but ended up going to a little boot pack kicker session. The minute I got out there I was asking myself, “why didn’t I want to come?” It was super fun and I gained a lot more confidence in the air!

Saturday was the next time I got to go play in the mountains. My friends and I were getting a late start so we decided to take the snowmobiles out to get some practice.  It was really cold, windy and snowy when we got up to the base of Owen. We boot packed up a nice pitch, made a quick transition under a cliff, and the skiing was pretty good. All and all, another good adventure and experience to add to the epic-ness.

Today was the most blower out of the 3 missions. We went to the Anthracites a.k.a “CB West”…haha, to find a very burned out skin track and many possies of people. We had another mellow day due to the fact that one of our friends had  was on his virgin back-country mission! The skiing was shin deep and felt like champagne pow. I was very happy to be taking it easy because every time I went to turn or bend, my knee was severely aching.  I made it through the whole day safe and completely in-tact! I am looking forward to icey-hot and taking it easy.



Biking in November

The weather has been beautiful here in good ol’Crusty Butt! With nice weather and the snow melting it has been hard to motivate to ski, but it has been easy to motivate to go biking!! A bunch of Betties and I went to Hartman’s Rocks to go mountain biking and had a great time! My only concern is that I am sucking so much wind!? I know I just got to elevation a couple of weeks ago, but damn? I want to kill the up hill… Plus, I have one question… Why do I always fall trying to unclip my clipless pedals in THE PARKING LOT?  It’s just not fair! I always eat it in front of everyone… Oh well, I guess I’ll just settle for being good entertainment?



Less fat, more muscle!

T’is the season for ski conditioning. It is in this period between early November and the opening of the mountain that I am closest to understanding what people are referring to when they talk about “Catholic guilt.”It is no longer a matter of months that I have to quit eating too much cheese and steak, but weeks. The specter of blown knees and sounding like the big bad wolf while I am hiking out to a sick line is looming over me. The issue is really that ski conditioning is kind of like skiing icy groomers all day, everyday. With dull edges, sloppy rental boots, and a big ole gaper gap between helmet and goggles. It sucks, and you frequently look silly doing it. Every morning I wake up and wonder about all of the fun new ways my butt is going to get whipped into shape that day. It is even harder for me this year because instead of being able to go to the local gym and have the likes of Carrie Jo Chernoff keep me in line, I have to do everything myself. Ugh! Most of it is not that bad, swivel sits, cherry pickers, THE PLANK, but the one exercise that I will never again attempt to do is the V Sit. I am just not coordinated enough for that one. I always try to put my legs and arms up at the wrong time. It is usually at this point in a group class that people start looking at me and I take a moment to get a drink of water.  I have even thought of purchasing this to give me an “edge” up on the ski season, but then I look at myself long and hard in my shimmery sweat puddle and decide to leave that, goofy as I might look doing squat-thrusts, I far prefer that to the alternative. When I actually get to the moment when I first click into my binding, I am happy that I went through all of the boredom and pain to make myself stronger, and I remind myself that no matter how bad ski conditioning is, running is worse.


When girl meets sled-necking

First, lets start by saying that I am a very lucky girl! I have this amazing boyfriend that helped me shop and buy my first snowmobile! Yesterday was our first (mis) adventure with the new sled. I graciously asked my gnartastic boyfriend to drive as we Canadianed to shred Gnarnia! He unloaded his gear and gave me the reins and told me to “Go get after it!” Oh… well, I did! I was practicing side hilling, using my throttle and just getting used to handling my awesome machine.  All was going well until I tried to turn the sled and didn’t lean hard enough, got scared, panicked, forgot where the brake is and abandoned ship as my brand new sled hurtled into a tree! “Opps!” Go figure a girl gets a sled and what is the first thing she does? Wrecks it! Who said women were bad drivers? We just need to know our limits before we can shred like the best of them!


P.S. The sled is fine, minus a few minor cosmetic blemishes.  Nothing a few sweet band-aids wont take care of…you should see the tree.

First Backcountry Adventure= Gaper Day

I was very excited and a little nervous (like I always am) for the first ski of the season! I was getting all my gear ready, filling my camel back, putting fresh batteries in my beacon and checking my gear list in my head. When my friend showed up at the door ready and just as pumped as I was, I thought for the first time I had my gear pretty dialed and I was stoked about that. We found where we wanted to start and began skinning. All was good until the warm weather got to the best of my skins and I had about five inches of snow stuck to the bottom of them. I cleaned and scraped and scraped and cleaned and tried to apply wax. Nothing was helping the skins, which were already too wet for the wax to help. Finally on the 3rd attempt to clean my skins my friend cussing behind me announced that he thought he had broke his binding. “Really?” I asked. “Can we fix it?” After a long inspection and many tries we gave up and decided that we did not have the proper tools to fix it in the field. He strapped his ski to his backpack and we headed down. We had already decided that today was just another gaper day. My friend was so charged that he was jumping off of little stumps and straight lining through trees on one ski.  When we stopped to take a quick rest we noticed that he had broken the tip of his ski, that was strapped to his backpack, when he had recklessly skied through a tree patch! It just goes to show that no matter how dialed you think you are, that first day always has its glitches!