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A shout out to Angel

I just got around to reading this month’s Powder Magazine, and I wanted to mention how great it is that fellow competitor on the Freeskiing World Tour, Angel Collinson got a two page write up about her awesome 2010 season. Women competitors need all the press they can get, and it makes me very happy that they not only highlighted an incredibly talented woman skier, they also highlighted the FWT and the role of women in the event. I only hope that women’s freeride sports will keep growing in popularity in the coming years.





Snow in CB!

Well, an amazing 23 inches of snow has fallen in Crested Butte since Sunday. That would be great if I were in the state of Colorado, which I am not. I am, however, taking a cool farm design course at Yestermorrow Design Build School in Warren, Vermont. I wish I were skiing, but I am using this off season to build life skills, seeing as the thing I am best at at the age of 26 is recreating. I have decided that I won’t think about the fact that my friend Ben just told me he got face shots in the backcountry already and will get back to picking carrots and designing barns. Until the next time I get grumpy about it never snowing in the 802!


IFSA 2011 pre-qualified list announced

So, the pre-qualified list for female athletes has been released on the IFSA website for the upcoming season, and Alix and I are sadly not on it. This just gives us one more reason to train hard and keep a positive attitude about the events to come. It can be a blessing in disguise to have to qualify during the season, as it pushes us to keep our game at a high level and not take any competition run for granted. It can be hard as a pre-qualified athlete to register the importance of the first official day of competition if you have not already had to fight to get to that position. The other side of the coin is that you have one more day of early mornings, inspection, and skiing like a person possessed. It is easy to overcome these obstacles though. I simply remember that I would rather be skiing, no matter what the circumstances, than working.


Go Time!

CB ShredBetty is getting ready for an awesome season. The Freeskiing World Tour schedule is finally up and it kicks off in just a couple short months in Revelstoke. The Bettys are getting ready for skiing and also for some super-sweet blogging. Navigating the tech world is kind of like skiing dust-on-crust. Sometimes fun, but mostly not. We’ve got our own domain (woot!) and we’ll have the Facebook page up and running soon so you can follow all our (mis)adventures over the course of the fall and winter. Shreddin,’ sleddin,’ and bloggin,’ ’bout it…giddyup!

Louise and Alix